Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
1. Some of the natural catastrophes that occur from time to time include (when the Earth moves), (when snow slides down the side of a mountain), (violent windstorms), (when, due to heavy rain, rivers overflow their banks) and (when plants die due to the lack of rain).
2. There are different names given to the various types of stealing. The general word is ; the others include (stealing from shops), (stealing from houses and buildings at night) and (stealing people's wallets and purses).
3. A violent demonstration is called a .
4. If the police catch someone committing a crime, they the person, read him his rights and take him to the (place from which the police operate), where he is (told why they are holding him) with the crime. Thereafter he is taken before the (person who works for the government and who can decide on punishments for criminals). This official decides whether the person is (he thinks he committed a crime) or (he doesn't think he committed a crime). If the official thinks he has committed a crime, then he the person (tells him what punishment he will receive).
5. The names of the crimes which, in varying degrees, involve physical violence include (intentionally killing someone), (sexually misusing someone), (forcefully taking over a plane or boat and (catching and holding someone against their will until money is paid for their release. The money that is paid in a case like this is called the .
6. The expression used to mean, 'to kill yourself' is 'to '.
7. The word is used to mean, 'the State and its administration'.
8. The building, in which decisions are made about whether a person is guilty of a crime or not is called the , and the proceedings that take place there are called .
9. If the police (think) that criminal activities are going on in a certain place, they may (carry out a surprise check) the establishment.
10. Two words used to mean guns, bullets, etc. are and .
11. A person who is professionally engaged in politics is called a .
12. The person who is the head of the majority party in Britain is called the ; in the USA, the person with this position is called the . The small group of people that advises these leaders is called the .
13. The body that can make laws in Britain is called the . In the USA this body is known as . The people who are chosen as representatives of a particular area are called (in Britain) and in the States.
14. Another way of saying, 'plane accident' is to say ''.
15. The titles of articles in newspapers are called the . The term used to mean 'the things that are happening now' is ''.
16. The place where criminals are held is called the .
17. If a person has been charged with committing a very serious crime (e.g. murder, rape, etc.), he is taken to the High Court. The person who is in charge of the court case there is called the and the twelve people who listen to the case are called the . It is up to these twelve people to decide on a (i.e. guilty or not guilty).
Other people involved in the court case are the (lawyers) and the (the people who are summoned there to say what they saw or heard). During the court proceedings the person who has been charged with the crime is called the .
18. The metal devices that the police put around people's wrists when they arrest them are called ; the marks left by peoples fingers on, for example, glass are called .
19. The money you have to pay, for example, for parking illegally is called a ; the money you have to pay to the court as a guarantee that you will come back for your court case is called the .
20. In some parts of the world the (the person is put to death) is still used as punishment for a serious crime.
21. A person who is injured or killed as a result of a crime or misfortune is called the ; a person who is killed or injured in a war or accident is called a .
22. The time when it is decided who is to become the President or Prime Minister of a country is called the . What the citizens of the country do at this time is for the person they prefer.
23. If someone hi-jacks a plane, the passengers he is holding are called the .
24. A meeting of Presidents and Prime Ministers from different countries is called a .