old age

Gap-fill exercise

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1. The abbreviation O.A.P. stands for .
2. Your father's father is your ; your father's father's mother is your .
3. Three terms are commonly used to mean 'older people who are no longer working'. These include a , a and a .
4. When a person finally stops working we say they . The money they receive from the State each month is called their or, if they do not have an income, they may receive from the State.
5. is the word used to mean 'the scientific study of old age' while is the science concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the afflictions of advancing age.
6. Ailments of later life include and (diseases of the muscles and joints), and (bodily or mental weakness as a result of old age). People who are badly affected by the above, may need to walk with a or ride in a .
7. When a married woman's husband dies she becomes a . If the situation is reversed, the man becomes a .
8. A dilemma many families face is whether to send an ageing parent to an or not.
9. The device elderly people wear to assist their sense of hearing is called a .
10. When people die they may either be or . The service given for people who have died is called a and the place where their remains are placed is called a or cemetery.
11. Due to the developments in medical science, (how long people are expected to live) has increased considerably in recent years.