My body, myself - Unit 3 - Explorers 1

Gap-fill exercise

Wenn du auf "Hint" klickst (ganz unten), wird dir ein Buchstabe des Lösungswortes gegeben.
His hair is , but her hair is short.
A sausage dog has legs.
Help me move the cupboard, please. You and I will pull.
He always shrugs his when he does not know the answer.
I play tennis with my right and not with my left.
After the race I often my pulse rate.
your hands when you pray (beten).
Bend and your arm.
The is a short and thick finger.
We have more than 600 in our body.
You have to train your to keep fit and healty.
Can you feel your heart beating in your ?
Can you stand on one and balance?
You breathe through your .
Can you touch your with your fingers?
You listen with your .
Move your from left to right before you cross a street.
Open your when you are at the dentist's.
Lie on your and relax.
You have five on each hand.
Which do you use to kick a ball?
The is in the middle of the leg.
of an animal but do not tell us what it is.
A mouse is a very animal but an elephant is really big.
You have to air into a balloon.
You have to your feet to walk.
You have to your knees when you cycle.
Open the window and let in some fresh .
Can you feel your and measure it after the race?
We have two in our chest to breathe.
Can you the distance from here to Lugano?
Your pumps fresh blood around your body.
What happens to the air when you in and out?
on one foot with your arms outstretched.
I often on my bed to read.
How fast can you in a 100 metres race?
hour had if you want to say something in class.
Try to your toes with your fingers.
How high can you ? More than 1.50 m?
Can you the door, please?
You your eyes when you sleep.
There is a pencil on the floor. Can you it , please?
Please places with your neighbour.
down and touch the floor.
Please in a straight line and wait.
Go to the door, round and go back to your seat.
Federer is a right- player but Nadal is .
the knife in your right hand.
There are a lot of in your workbook.
Have a break and a little bit.
your hands above your arms and yawn (gähnen).
The is a joint (Gelenk) in the middle of the arm.
Can you the pictures with the correct words?
The is a part of your foot.
Please the paper in half.
You have to get up in the .
You do not have classes on Wednesdays .
When do you go to bed in the ?
You on a chair.
What is the opposite of noisy? It is .
You have to your English words.
In bed we call it a pillow but on the sofa we call it a .
your hands together until they are warm.
You should eat a during break time.
We can the first part of the film today.
during the lessons and relax during break time.
Can you me move this heavy desk, please?
Don't eat too much or you'll have problems with your .