Our class - Unit 1 - Explorers 1

Fill in the gaps.

Hilfe: Wenn du auf "?" klickst, siehst du die Buchstaben des Wortes, jedoch nicht in der richtigen Reihenfolge (jumpled words).
Wenn du auf "Hint" klickst (ganz unten), wird dir ein Buchstabe des Lösungswortes gegeben.
I call my Mummy and Daddy.
My visit us every Sunday. They are 72 and 78 years old.
This is my : my brother, my mother and my sister.
What are the children about?
She speaks four .
My favourite are cats.
Her colour is blue.
My are reading and playing football.
He spaghetti but he doesn't fish.
She is 85 years .
His is black and curly.
She's got blue and blonde hair.
Write something about yourself on each .
A rose is a with thornes (Dornen).
Chairs, books, pens are all .
You can the objects in your classroom with Post-its.
I had a funny about my classroom last night.
the Post-its on the objects in your classroom.
with a pencil on piece of white paper.
My school has twelve .
My friend sits next to me at the in school.
The cups and plates are stored in the .
There is a of flowers on the table.
your paper flower with a pair of scissors.
What is 4646 + 46464? You can take your .
your classroom with the classrooms you see in the picture.
Put your books back into the .
your dream classroom.
Take a to write the names of the objects on the Post-its.
The is on the wall behind the teacher's desk.
My little sister is sometimes very to me. I don't like her in such moments.
My mother wants me to be more at home.
I was worried about my math test. Now I'm I got a 5.
She's because it's her birthday tomorrow.
Are you about something? Yes, about my math test tomorrow.
He has a very smile.
It's to cheat when playing games.
I'm because my friend was rude to me.
I feel because I don't have a friend.
I feel when people fight.
It was really to hide my rucksack.
I am when no one wants to play with me.
Mike feels very because his classmates don't like him.
I feel when I'm with my family.
I like Maureen. She is very .
I'm because I'm the winner of the game.
My neighbour is always to me. I don't like him.
He's because some classmates are bullying him.
Move carefully in the class when you games.
Let other pupils finish speaking before you a question.
In our class we have a duty .
We have a list of classroom .
I'm for watering the plants.
away your things at the end of the lesson.
I have to the blackboard this week.
Cheating is not fair - We play games .
up the classroom before you go home.
We help other because we are a good team.
This pen to me. Please give it back.
is important so we don't get hurt.
Be with scissors. They are dangerous.
your hand up when you want to speak.
other people's property.