Sentence completion: Open World 1 / Unit 3

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
Communication between animals:

I would like to go to musical soon.
Bees have on their heads.
Go ! I have to concentrate on my homework.
The sun in the desert is very and hot.
Dolphins can through sounds.
The pupils are that they will pass the trial period.
Please be careful not to my i-pad.
My sister can't very well.
My plans for the holidays on the weather.
He is not my but my friend.
There are no rules without .
My aunt lives away from my home than my grandmother.
Giving me a rose for my birthday was a nice .
I don't know the distance; I have to .
Latin is a very old .
Humans must learn to be careful with things.
He the crane's hook to lift the heavy load.
Please the choice of your books on the list.
What does RULE in German?
Did I that I sold my old car?
That hurts my ankle.
Would you like to your song on stage?
His home is Manhattan but he travels a lot.
Please to the poster you like best.
We made a lot of in geometry last month.
The youth hostel will a lunch package for you every day.
You can your oral productions with
My father plays football .
You have to the grammar for tomorrow's test.
Can you explain the offside to my little sister, please?
Please give me a when you are ready to start.
The climate change that we are still producing too much CO2.
Did you manage to the computer trouble?
What of movie do you like best?
Don't put the aquarium in direct .
It is a long from here to Lugano.
is your art teacher? - Mr. Benlak.

Thinking about sound:

His last number one hit was a long time .
I'm nervous because of my in in four weeks.
are more intelligent than animals.
He has reached the highest in Kung Fu.
An architect has to things carefully when he draws his plans.
The pool is situated very my home.
Cook the carrots in the for 12 minutes.
How do you MUSICIAN?
We had red curry with for dinner.
She sells shells at the .
You should not to your partner during the lesson.
Tea with honey is good for your .
Big can be dangerous at the seafront.
are you so sad?

Communication between animals and humans:

My favourite is reading.
The expression for a wolf's is a howl.
There are between Spanish and Italian.
I had a long with my teacher yesterday.
I've seen of this very bad movie; I'll go home.
We are so about travelling to Peru.
I have a very good about that test.
Children need more sleep than adults.
He dropped his shirt on the an now it's dirty.
I have never told a ; I'm always honest.
It is quite impossible to solve the about the Holy Grale.
We have been to Spain.
I sing a song when I have a shower.
To replay the game the button.
You don't have to your hand if you want to say something.
I go out during the week.
Would you like to your sandwich with me?
Is the communication through sounds between whales a of intelligence?
New York is a city with a lot of problems.
The future is not so easy in English.