Sentence completion OW1/Unit 4: Hats off

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
She has the to solve difficult tasks.
All of a he said he wanted to come to the party.
Can you read these words , please?
We really have to for being late.
He would like to a doctor when he is an adult.
Can I have another of chocolate cake, please?
A lot of pupils look during French lessons.
His stupid dog always his bones in our garden.
They do not about their bad marks in the history test.
Look, there is an awful spider on the .
My are very polite to the teachers.
You have to the gaps with the information from the text.
A florist has to be very .
Curiosity is the noun of the adjective .
Different countries, different .
This exercise is not if you have learnt the words of unit 4.
I would love to do an in the USA.
I you to go out with that terrible boy.
A is someone from a different country.
She can take care of .
The food in our canteen is good nor terrible.
Our was friendly, helpful and polite.
With good general you could go to a quiz show.
You should not when your classmates make a mistake.
Some kids look on her because she is poor.
You need an open and enjoy exploring new ideas.
Can, could, should and must are verbs.
We have finished our English homework.
I lay down my tired head on my .
She was very that she passed her exam.
You have to in your i-phone when the battery is low.
The film was good, but I won't recommend it to my friends.
I learnt to a bike when I was a three year old toddler.
You should serve tea in a cup and .
This exercise is easier than it at first.
Our teacher said that words are not allowed in the classroom.
What are your about the new project?
If you have with this exercise you should learn more vocabulary.
Children often have the same as their parents.
I do not feel better. In fact I feel than yesterday.
Civil are an important topic in American history.
There is a wooden door that the two rooms.
I eat everything. There is nothing that I .
An exchange year can be a wonderful life .
The said "No Mercy for Mr. Miller".
Which one of these actors do you best?
There are more and dishes on the main menu.
My sister has already made four with her band.
Old people often tell the young to show more .
Our new in history is the Industrial Revolution.
She is going to her brother on his world trip.
to the president there are no problems.
My is to pass the exam with a good result.
Pay to what your mother is saying.
The weather was really during our holidays.
His is excellent; he is the sunshine of the family.
Japanese people when they greet each other.
There is always a somewhere in Africa.
Prepositions and belong to the particles.
British is famous.
That song is my favourite.
The workers are in a with their employer.
You can drink a coffee or a tea.
Some British schools still teach .
I don't feel very in my new class.
My parents always in; it is quite easy to talk them round.
I always her when she feels blue.
We will get in touch with you in course.
May I you to my girlfriend, Mary Miller?
Would you like to our group?
Can you me five quid, please?
Don't drop on the pavement.
Parents should teach their kids good .
Do you if I open the window?
They speak Italian nor French.
I am still in touch with my in Brazil.
Please write useful in your notebook.
Pupils and teachers should be to each other.
in the classroom and at work makes life easier and more comfortable.
There is a of snow tomorrow.
I I will visit you every week.
You can bring it back to the shop, but you need your .
My father is the big boss: He is for more than 350 employees.
She is in a very difficult .
Have you got the to number 12, please?
I do not like the cards in the English book Explorers.