Sentence completion U5 - Airborne

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
Our teacher was born in the 20th .
There are a lot of drinks to from at the bar.
The plane into the sea five minutes after take-off.
We cannot what happened in the experiment.
Can I have a look at your wonderful ?
My father is a software and works for Google.
It was a long from Zurich to Sydney.
I love but my sister hates it because she gets airsick.
Three are more or less one metre.
Don't make noise and close the door , please.
An eagle can easily through the air.
Look at the -gliders up in the air!
A from the REGA saved our lives.
The of the US settlement is very interesting.
The snow in the Alps in late spring.
A puncher is a small metal to make holes into the sheets.
I hope it is to have a break now.
I arrived early I could have a word with him in private.
The plane is going to in ten minutes.
Candles are made of .
If you have a seat near the you cannot enjoy the view.
We can't solve the problem your help.
Kloten is a busy Swiss .
The said that our flight is cancelled.
The wind is from the south.
The aircraft is going to be ready to in 10 minutes.
We are not ready to until the engine is fixed.
Walking the hill is much easier than walking up it.
There are some nice in Open World such as "a wing in the air".
Can you this exercise to me again, please?
The teacher's was long and very complicted.
The elephants threw the big trees with great .
I promised that it won't again.
Can you see the people in the basket of the balloon?
Put that knife down .
I don't like the feeling when the plane off.
Hurry up! We mustn't the train.
A is sharp, pointed and can hurt your finger.
The did not open and the man died.
The first US settlers were real .
When air gets warmer, it .
I'm very busy at the moment, I can't come to the party.
The of polished marble is smooth.
The answer is not B or C. it must be A.
Walking a hill is tiring.
Last winter I fell and broke my left .
Our beautiful was right by the sea.
There a types of music that I really hate.
The old lady often stops to with me.
Your diagram is not enough and therefore not readable.
I have never won a prize in a .
We can't what to the on Friday eveneing.
We have a lot of sport at our school.
It is hard for me to my ideas clearly.
How much do we have to walk? I'm tired.
I'd like you to buy the items: a pen, a pair of scissors and a glue.
I you will enjoy your stay in Switzerland.
The had difficulty choosing the best singer.
we can come back here another weekend.
We want to a surprise party for our mother.
That new song by Adele has a very sound.
We are preparing a Christmas at school.
You can use the will future for a in English.
He will work in a bank when he leaves school.
My uncle has a high in international tennis.
Please to the e-mail as soon as possible.
Can you me how to do this jump, please?
Every car should have a tyre in the boot.
What do you do in your ? - I play football.
It is quite tricky to the AR.Drone with an i-pad.
Our was the best and the fastest.
All that are parked here will be towed away.
Why didn't you me in advance?
I hope I will something in that competition.