Sentence completion U 6 - Crossing frontiers

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
Here I describe her for you; she's tall and fair.
Your is the way that you think about other people and things.
The circus a lot of people last week.
She is very and looks like a film star.
A person is a person with no hair on their head.
The sailor sailed into the to escape the storm yesterday.
I was and won the first prize.
Don't take my ! They are mine.
Some natives came on Cook's ship.
The are the people who work on a ship.
In 1492 Ch. Columbus the Atlantic.
Many young girls keep a .
At an office you can get dollars for Swiss francs.
In the past most wanted to discover new countries.
Our cat should lose weight be cause she's so .
Everybody likes her because she is always .
I like his appearance; he is very .
A is a small house often made of wood.
In of all the dangers we sailed across the sea.
The of Australia are called Aussies.
Facebook has millions of .
To see your face you have to look into the .
She had to vomit and was very .
There was a very atmoshere at the concert - no fights, no aggression, no drugs.
He is extremely spoilt and always gets a lot of for Christmas.
Make a of your dialogue with
We have an excellent with our parents.
James Cook to New Zealand and with him came a lot of other sailors.
The Queen Mary and the Titanic were famous .
She is very and has a body like a model.
A is a person you don't know.
If you do not eat enough you lose weight and get very .
Sailors have a to navigate.
What do you need to go inline skating?
Switzerland is a country in .
With a life-vest you do not drown, you .
We made a lot of in technology.
My grandmother often talks about her experiences.
A GPS helps you to find your way to a foreign city.
This is a very model of a new car.
Travelling through Australia is a real .
He at the party with a very original costume yesterday.
Do not the tiger's cage; it is a dangerous animal.
Since his in Antartica he has been ill.
It is important to protect our .
Have you been to Paris?
There was a great when the children heard about the party.
It is very to visit new places.
She has lived in Zurich 18 years.
Climate change is a serious problem.
There are a lot of of the will future in this text.
I have finished my homework.
Have you ever a diary?
His stay in NY more than a year. Now he is back home again.
In her time she likes swimming.
The colours of your trousers your pullover very well.
Let's make a of our school building.
Let's go to the pub and have a beer.
These seats are . We reserved them in advance.
Do not forget your before you leave the train.
They are doing a research on Koalas.
The station is very remote.
They had the idea.
Scientists often discuss topics.
My brother and me have a flat in London.
During her in England she learnt a lot.
The in summer is very high.
This is Tom's and Mike's house. It is .
Please ask the teacher if there are words in the text.
Columbus made four extensive .
That's the teacher my father knows from his village.
The children in the industrial age had very long .
I haven't seen this film .
Is this my umbrella or is it ?