Sentence completion U 7 - An apple a day

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
I got a good mark the test was quite difficult.
The tallest on the chart shows what most people chose.
Fish and is a typically British meal.
on passing your driving test!
If you don’t show any , people don’t know how you’re feeling.
My biggest is of spiders.
Bad weather makes me .
Can you help me to this form, please?
To live longer you need to take care of your .
Did you understand the of what she said?
food isn’t good for you and can be expensive.
It’s dark outside because it’s getting .
I don't like team sports, but I like basketball the .
I didn’t get a good for the last piece of homework.
If you someone a compliment you will make them very happy!
There is a nice children’s playground in the park.
My sister doesn’t have much self-.
For that job you need good computer .
I feel terrible if I don’t get enough .
On Sundays I sleep until 11 a.m.
The actress has a beautiful .
I want to take a photo of you, so , please!
Do you think the is true or false?
More and more people are suffering from nowadays.
Do you enjoy going to the swimming ?
I like healthy food, for example fruit and .
I want to go out I’ve finished my homework.
Have you got money with you?
Many French people buy a fresh every day.
Put your coat on when you go out or you will a !
Oranges lots of C.
Apple pie with is a delicious dessert.
I have put on 10 kilos! I really must go on a .
It’s bad manners to call someone on the telephone a meal.
You make pancakes in a pan.
There is one we still need to buy before making the cake.
My grandmother’s is very different to mine.
is one of my favourite foods.
potatoes is a very boring job.
Please add salt and if you wish.
A flower grows from a .
You should put sun-cream on in summer to protect your from the sun.
I really need new clothes.
It is easier to butter when it’s not too cold.
If a seed gets enough water, it will begin to .
You need a of honey to make the biscuits taste sweeter.
I take one of sugar in my coffee.
It’s a good idea to take more C in winter.
bread is better for you than white bread.
Why do people love food?
I’m quite of sailing.
Eating in the is a good way to see friends at lunchtime.
is too short to be angry with someone for long.
Good is important if you want to stay healthy.
Would you like a of watermelon?
Thank you for the meal. It was very .
I have been a since I was 8 years old. I hate meat.
My grandparents grow in their garden.
is the American English word for sweets.
Lots of children don’t like .
is a good food to eat if you want to lose weight.
Many British children eat for breakfast.
is a tasty white fish the British often eat with .
is good in salads.
That was the most exciting ski race I’ve ever seen!
Let’s keep the old bread to feed the .
Are you getting enough at the moment?
Wine is made from .
You can add or sugar to tea to make it sweeter.
Make sure you follow the carefully.
Shall I add some to the salad?
is a refreshing fruit for the summer.
has quite a hot taste.
has many uses in cooking.
Some people are allergic to .
Just add a of salt to the sauce, not too much!
The owner didn’t look after the dog well.
Have you got your test yet?
What do you do at school?
Toothpaste comes in a .
Cricket are made of wood.
Hockey is quite a sport in British schools.
The shows that volleyball is the most popular sport in the class.
I hope can come to the party.
I only have a minutes to talk, then I’ve got to go.
Great doesn’t often win medals in the Winter Olympics.
-riding is a popular hobby in Britain.
My will be up soon, so I need to pay for the next year.
of my friends go to the same school as me.
I dropped all my books at school yesterday and helped me.
in our class plays tennis.
For the symbol ‘%’ you say ‘’ in English.
For my birthday I would like a new tennis .
Visitors are to buy a ticket in advance.
If you work hard and get a good job, you might be one day.
My father wants to keep fit so he has joined a .
Dogs love running after .
A is practical for sports lessons.
My pair of is really old now – I need new ones.