sentence completion - U7 The music's got me

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
Walk that road over there.
Turn the key to open the door.
You should learn with schularena on at two days a week.
We do not have in Switzerland.(Schneestürme)
Don't the tea for too long.
Her name is Amanda but people her Mandy.
The sea is today. There are no waves at all.
Smoking can cancer.
Make a movement with your arms.
We went for a long walk along the .
The hurricane did a lot of to the town.
I now the buffet open.
The weather forecast is saying that there is a deep over Scotland.
Mountaineers must have an supply of food.
There is a between our garden and the next one.
Please groups of three pupils.
Water will if you make it cold enough.
Australia is in the southern .
only happen in tropical climates.
the temperature if you can't see any change.
You take care when crossing the road.
He always feels before important tests.
There is a big of books on my desk.
Keep some candles at home in case of a power .
Check your tyre before a long car journey.
He can my bike in just two hours.
This of the experiment is quite tricky.
the correct box for the answer.
The says the bus will be here in six minutes.
Move the window if you need more light.
Check the health risks before you plan your journey to the .
There is a great of plants in our garden.
In bad conditions it's best not to drive.
There is often a refreshing near the sea.
After the storm there was .
No one likes sudden in temperatures.
Our is that hot air rises.
You can with this exercise at home.
If you love to things you could become a designer.
Do you see the between these pictures?
Some animals are slowly from our world.
Be careful with those books and don't them.
There is so much here that I can't stop sneezing.
We hope to have weather on our holiday.
The was very thick yesterday.
Open the window if you need some air.
A storm at sea can be called a .
If there is a breeze you don't feel so hot.
The things my parents tell me me a lot.
Can you put this of water on the table, please?
Take a jacket with you.
Have a look at that bright over there! (Blitz)
There will be a wind today. (mässiger)
Have you your results yet?
I always write down my in science lessons.
You can a fire out with water.
I need to my lost library card.
The marking for the test is quite complicated.
There was a storm at the weekend. (heftiger)
Our dog never anyone.
Water boils at 100 degrees .
There are very tall behind the factory.
We had fantastic weather with 35 .
It was so we couldn't see anything.
is not good for roses.
You need to wear warm clothes in weather.
The air is very in the jungle.
The roads can be in winter.
The weather is in May.
Never if you have forgotten your book.
Can you me some milk, please?
The result that our theory was correct.
Do you know any in other languages?
Look how long your is!
Tomorrow will be with some sun.
My cousin and I look quite .
It's polite to make some talk at a dinner party.
The weather was very last night.
Use a to see if you have a temperature.
Don't forget your on rainy days.
There are dishes on the lunch menu.