Sentence completion OW2 / U10 - Patchwork city

Gapfill exercise

Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.
In my free time I do hip hop, and I play in an orchestra.
is the biggest of all the continents.
Our dog is Rover.
Winters are long and hard in .
Many successful ice hockey players are .
More than one billion people live in .
The New Year is celebrated in many countries around the world.
Canada is a with two official languages.
In Switzerland people speak many .
At our sports day there were lots of activities to try.
explorers discovered Australia in 1606.
is an interesting place to go on holiday.
There are many famous cooks.
We have had some fantastic holidays in .
We spent a week on a island.
My home football team won again at the weekend.
There is an neighbourhood in Toronto.
We go to every summer.
Make you follow the directions so you don’t get lost.
Her mother is Spanish.
The capital of the is Amsterdam.
Canada is a country in America.
Do you have your room at home?
My favourite in Toronto is Chinatown.
His grandmother is from .
Pierogi, a kind of pie, is a famous dish.
Have you ever been to ?
Yesterday we went to a restaurant.
The Amazon is the longest river in America.
is a popular holiday destination.
football clubs are famous around the world.
I three languages quite well.
Are you an English ?
The elephant is smaller than the African elephant.
The CN Tower is one of the most famous tourist in Toronto.
Tickets are still for Saturday’s show.
Lots of work in London and Frankfurt.
Push that to close the door of the lift.
How do you Easter in your family?
There are a lot of good restaurants in the city .
I would like to live in a when I’m older.
that Internet link to get more information.
Our is friendly and helpful.
The bus was really this morning.
I am fascinated by Japanese .
I need to see my soon.
Please give the back when you’ve eaten the lasagna.
In Toronto you’ll find lots of shops.
What sports does your school have?
We are having for dinner.
My best friend is training to be a .
Our neighbour goes to the every Saturday.
Yesterday we had a evening at our school.
Switzerland is an Alpine .
It’s very safe in our .
For a successful event we need good .
Search are helpful if you’re looking for information on the Internet.
I loved Spain so much I decided to for another year.
Our is not far from the city centre.
She loves bright colours, yellow and pink.
Russian Christmas celebrations in January.
The French chef makes many foods.
Our to the city lasted five days.
can do a guided tour of the cathedral.
My is quite difficult but I enjoy it.
I in downtown Toronto. / Today my computer wasn’t working.
It is my biggest dream to visit one day.
Our event was a huge success.
He five dollars our collection for the homeless.
Sarah’s to the school paper was an article about her exchange year.
Toronto is famous for the of languages spoken there.
is important if you want to find a good job later on.
For me, dialect is a question of .
I would love to work for an such as UNICEF.
The family has become popular again in recent years.
Our is becoming more and more international.
She has many , such as patience and tolerance.
His grandfather had a career in banking.

Don’t use too much .
The are sewn together to make a quilt.
We our results at the end of the project.
Let’s on the best quilt!