Sentence completion OW2 / U9 - The music's got me

Gapfill exercise

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My cousin plays the in a band.
I can’t techno music.
I tried to my friend’s but she didn’t hear me.
How long have you been playing the ?
I quite like music but I don’t like jazz.
I the original version of the song the best.
My brother is learning the and it’s noisy!
My grandfather me to learn the piano.
These are useful for a music review.
The story of his life as a rock star is absolutely .
I have always wanted to play the .
My cousin plays the in a band.
You need to get into the of practising every day.
I’m in working in the music industry after school.
A lot of children learn to play the at school.
You can borrow books and CDs at the school .
Can you print the of that song for me, please?
I don’t understand the of some words in the lyrics.
Song writers sometimes put a in their lyrics.
Listening to music always puts me in a good .
Folk, rock, pop and jazz are different styles of .
Music is my biggest .
They bought a so the children could learn to play it.
Do you any musical instruments?
Can you tell me the you don’t like that song?
I find it easy to when I listen to music.
The is quite hard to learn.
Do you know when their next is coming out?
They recorded their latest album in a near Liverpool.
Their of music is somewhere between folk and pop.
It took a long time to the rooms after the party.
The is a brass instrument.
I just can’t get that out of my head!
The is a popular instrument to learn.
Lots of people in the left early.
We formed our four years ago.
Can you hear the now?
The singer had to some shows because she was ill.
I would love to have a as a musician.
The of a song is repeated again and again.
The neighbours about the loud music at the party.
Last weekend we went to a rock together.
The tickets are so that I can’t go to the show.
Going to a music in the summer is a fun experience.
the musicians have decided to stay together.
The price of the concert ticket a programme.
There’s one in the lyrics I just don’t understand.
Hearing a band play is absolutely unbeatable.
What’s the reason the band didn’t go on tour?
Ideally you should for 30 minutes every day.
My parents have lots of old rock .
That piece of music has an unusual .
My aunt was a professional when she was younger.
The changes halfway through the song.
The is on the second syllable of that word.
There was a in her eye when her son played the solo.
It’s a popular for concerts because of the acoustics.
It’s that the band is still popular after 20 years.
I used to find opera because I didn’t under-stand it.
The lead singer has a voice.
Only one important liked their new album.
They have recorded an number of songs.
What a piece of music!
I’m because I got a ticket for their concert.
The band were about their musical differences.
On an day I listen to music for about two hours.
My uncle is about country music.
It’s difficult to choose my favourite song.
Can you a good place to buy cheap CDs?
Their style of music is .
That song has the potential to popular for years.
Have you read any of their latest album?
A music journalist the latest songs.
My mother often listens to piano music.
I usually feel when I listen to opera music.
Her choice of music for the party me.
Do you and your friends share the same in music?
That new song of theirs is absolutely !
That rhythm is of the band’s style of music.
I often sing to the radio in the car.
The band has recorded some songs.
It’s a song to dance to.
The was done in March of this year.
The didn’t say much about their future plans.
The asked him a lot of personal questions.
What is about their style of music?