Dolphins are mammals, not fish. They are warm blooded like man, and give birth to one baby, called a calf, at a time.

      At birth, a bottlenose dolphin calf is about 90-130 cms long and will grow to approximately 4 metres, living up to 40 years.

     They are highly sociable animals, living in groups, called pods, which are fairly fluid, with dolphins from other pods interacting with each other from time to time.

     Dolphins carry their young inside their womb for about 12 months. The baby is born tail first, and its mother will feed the calf for up to 2 years.

     However, the calf will stay with its mother for between 3-6 years, during which time it will learn all about feeding techniques, social interaction and group hunting.

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1. What are dolphins?
2. What is a baby dolphin called?
3. Are dolphins friendly with other dolphins?
4. What is a group of dolphins called?
5. What kind of blood does a Dolphin have?
6. How long does a dolphin calf stay with its mother?
7. How long can a dolphin live?
8. How long does it take for a dolphin to have a baby?
9. When a dolphin calf is born, what emerges first?
10. Do dolphins lay eggs?