a bed in a youth hostel...and a meal in a bistro, training, stepping out, workbook

H=Hilfe (Anfangsbuchstabe). Die abgefragten Wörter sowie die Beispiel-Sätze entsprechen dem Lernwortschatz im Voci-Teil des Schülerbuchs

The in the hostel has 45 beds.
There are , there's no lift.
My flat is on the second .
You can have a in the .
I'm quite . Is there a restaurant near here?
Is there I can get to eat?
We haven't got here, I'm a .
There is a next .
I'd like jam and on my toast.
Vegetarians eat a lot of .
If you like to sit and have a nice , there is a good bistro the .
I'm not tired at .
How is it ?
What are you ?
I here tonight to the match on TV.
I can see nice on the next table.
I'm busy now; can I you back?
She has a with an old lady.
Make not war!
Is there in this room?
I have a with my homework.
Can I show you ? I this city very well.
Can you your name, please?
There is here. I go home again.
I lay in the sun and .
Don't worry. That can to everybody.
Qantas is the Australian .
There are a lot of books in the .
Leave a on the fridge.
Can you a tie?
The opposite of difficult is .
It's a place to pass your holidays. There are no terrorists here.
Some people are .
Look at this ; there are more than 50 meals!
you like something to drink?
Can we a , please? Yes, we have ice cream and hot berries.
What of meat is this?
Can we have the , please?
There are single and rooms.
A is a big room for rich people.
When you book you have a room with bed and .
You can book half-board or .
How are these shirts?
You have no idea about your future job? Go and visit a job .
He's always . I think he hasn't got any friends.
Have you got any job ?
She can a letter very fast.
The scouts have a in the mountains.
What kind paint did you for this picture?
These seats are reserved for people.
You can win tickets for the kinepolis multiplex cinema on schularena.com.
The ticket wants to see your ticket.
A types letters.
A chef works in the .
They have a huge about all the pupils on the computer.
He works as a for Kuoni.
is important for the plants.