passports, at the station, stepping out, workbook

Vocabulary training

H=Hilfe (Anfangsbuchstabe). Die abgefragten Wörter sowie die Beispiel-Sätze entsprechen dem Lernwortschatz im Voci-Teil des Schülerbuchs.

The wants to see the passports.
is my passport? I can't find it.
in your rucksack.
I'm American. My is .
Are you with your new teacher?
What a photo! Look, it's .
Are you happy ?
It's an photo.
He got a car. car is black.
She got a cat. cat is red.
There are a lot of people the station.
Put your jacket in your .
There is more than one train in Paris.
The sun is shining. I need my glasses and my .
It's raining. Where's my ?
I'm reading an interesting .
There are more songs on a CD than on a .
What is the sun? It's .
There are 23 in our .
It's hot. Don't wear jeans. Wear .
There are some nice on the .
The sky is often in November.
The grass is .
The snow is .
Your socks are in your .
Take your and sit next to me.
An is an overhead projector.
Our has the number one.
Can you open the , please? It's hot.
Close the when you enter the classroom.
The teacher sits behind his .
There is a vase on the .
Throw your rubbish into the .
There are a lot of in your work book.
The teacher is writing something on the .
This teacher has 34 .
In summer we have five weeks .
Don't write with a . Use a pen.
This is my new . His name is Nick.
That was a time ago.
That's a nice pullover. Is it ?