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Vocabulary Training

H=Hilfe (Anfangsbuchstabe). Die abgefragten Wörter sowie die Beispiel-Sätze entsprechen dem Lernwortschatz im Voci-Teil des Schülerbuchs.

Let's there .
You are Denise, ?
to San Francisco!
Mrs Connor: " is Bill, my ."
It's to have you .
are you? - I'm , thanks.
Denise is very because it's a long from Zurich to SF.
many is the flight?
The flight is nine hours NY.
Laurie is Mrs Connor's .
Laurie is Linda's .
to you.
Gregory is Linda's .
Your mother's mother is your .
The Connors have three : Laurie, Linda and Gregory.
They are in .
This bridge still got from the .
The Transamerica Pyramid is a very tall building. It's called a .
Have a ! This is the Golden Bridge on left.
You can see Alcatraz over . It was a but now it's a tourist .
is an underground under the .
An earthquake can be very .
The Connors have a lot of in front of their .
They also have a pool.
The in the pool is warm.
Mr. Connor is Gregory's .
Denise can books in English.
Mr Connor is Mrs Connor's .
Denise, you can a to your in Switzerland.
The Connors have a beautiful with flowers.
Do you my English?
SF is great .
I hate and my teachers, too.
Gregory is ten old and he is very .
There a lot of in my school.
She got a bike.
They got a car.
My grandparents are at . They are still in , you know.
Denise: "We got a swimming in our garden in Berne."
Letter: Mum and Dad...
Letter: All the
Letter: of love
Letter: Love and
is a dog in the pool!