chichester tourist office, stepping out, workbook

H=Hilfe (Anfangsbuchstabe). Die abgefragten Wörter sowie die Beispiel-Sätze entsprechen dem Lernwortschatz im Voci-Teil des Schülerbuchs.

She works in the Chichester .
She is an officer.
Chichester is a good for a .
Is there a in Chichester?
No, a beach. But there are lovely beaches Chichester.
there squash or tennis ?
There is an and an open swimming .
There is a marina and a golf .
Can I go jogging in the ?
There isn't a but there is the famous festival in from to August.
I there for people?
If you like old things, visit our .
You can go to a pub in the .
The are for people 18.
is a concert and a disco three weeks.
You can our band.
you very for all the . It's a .
How players are in this game?
The wears a black shirt and black shorts.
They wear because the puck can be dangerous.
There is a small in the middle of the ping pong table.
You play soccer on a .
We have an English every Monday from 10 to 11 a.m.