where is...? at the post office, training, stepping out, workbook

H=Hilfe (Anfangsbuchstabe). Die abgefragten Wörter sowie die Beispiel-Sätze entsprechen dem Lernwortschatz im Voci-Teil des Schülerbuchs.

There is in your eyes.
It's not correct, it's .
Handy is not an English word; we call it a .
You need a for this phonebox.
What are you doing the ?
Another word for persons:
Go to the to send your parcels.
Can you me, please?
We you a story.
Give an apple, please.
Do you know the to the bank?
Go the and left.
Turn right and this street.
Turn left the Willbury Street and Spencer Road.
Don't turn left or right; go .
Turn Barm Road and the road the next crossroads.
It's about 45 the corner.
the third you can see a car .
The bank is the right.
There is a shop the street.
The park is the market and not in front of.
It's to find; you can't it.
Is there a for my car?
It's a for international calls.
Is there ?
Mary is not here. Can you later, please?
He is a bank . He works in a bank.
The opposite of inside:
Read the before you use your mobile phone.
I can you the way on the .
Switzerland is France and Austria.
Pack your suitcase your holidays.
Can I to Mary, ?
Mary is not here. Can I a ?
What is your phone ?
The concert is , not tomorrow.
to the music!
Take a of paper and it with a pair of .
a line the left to the right.
Take one and the paper.
Use a to hold the sheets together.
There is a dog in the the street.
on a chair, your paper and it go.
A is better than a crossroads.
The cat is the table.
Migros is a Swiss .